Monday, August 25, 2008

Reichsfreiheit Kuhschweizer

It's glorious to read the brave few fighting to maintain self-control against the slavery-afflicted many pressed into battle against defiers. Seeds of American Government extend before the enlightenment, outside Britain, in Maximillain's rule. Probably elsewhere and earlier still influences go unacknowledged. Treaties and divisions of authority are time-outs on constant violence but outbreaks of fights continue b/c none are satisfied w/the arrangement. I find the medieval Europeans actually more enlightened in some ways than modern Americans: they fought to keep what they had, farmers defected in droves, bitched and moaned when kept from crops to fight. Now the happiness/pride of many folks only seems to be in self-subversion. A handsome one, born of fire, a meadow, arsonist + a woman devoted to Mars, favored grace, from Swabia=the younger handsome arsonist born of fire in a meadow (covering a second nature of war-devotion, favor from there, and Swabian origin?).

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