Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Why do I still ask people for information a Google search's liable to turn up?

The gain of communication isn't only the knowledge gleaned but the connection established. Innately a human wants to bond w/others and enjoys company.
Machines are flawed. Matter important enough (like when to launch a nuclear arsenal) though routed through computers as tools are left to man's judgment. Most questions can't be answered by a computer yet (remember a response to a question isn't inherently an answer). How does this dress look? Does the cuisine taste good? Yet I can imagine crude similitudes of man's analysis in the future: machines that sample the molecules of a foodtray and are usually right in determining if it's tasty or not. They could be based off those police alcohol-detectors and fed the specifics of a user's profile (allergic to garlic, doesn't like spicy foods, meat's favorite part of the meal). Yet still we'll ask each other, waiters and chefs, what's the best food in the house.
Chips may be raised to greater thought but they'll never be on our level. They'll always be servants, handling mundane duties while we humans discuss more convoluted matters.

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