Monday, March 23, 2009

Tomorrow Street

Life's left less on lifeless avenues than news has heart to hew viewers eyes to in lieu of torsos lined with holes like fiefs or piccolos; they lull in tattered blood-darkened dress, kenning nothing while whistling unconscious 'cause kami blew through their gaps like a thresher saps a grassy field, gathering this season's yield.
To marrow's stress e tears, worm matted Tom mourns rows' treatise. Were more to mar* O treat te erstwhile mop-top merely strongly: teach worry. More torment borrowed screes tea-rights where ummah's it.
Men mingle a'tingle with a want ta meet. We'll all get together on Tomorrow St.
Riding a mare Tom arrives at a hospital. They help a little. Then his ummah takes him up. (Rocks slipped, skipped sloppily down a slope, tipped Tom's flagship, flipped his cup, and anxious wives found his body meanly taxed.)
The love of life's emotions in-breast. Belting tight our breath: expectations of death. Glory in self makes children>propagation. Go over an' speak wit' her when lifeblood burns hot. Stay still an' silent you're ill wit' rot.
Women wait for a great to greet. I'll see you there at Tomorrow St.

*he'dn't've lived.

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