Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ve click on favorites lists and (links clinking their bolts both subtly and loudly trying to untie themselves from a toolbar) c if there's anything new-to-do.
F5 on news sites, forums, feeds and social networking sites is a refrigerator door closed then reopened.
It's a basic human madness: hope. The belief something good'll turn up b/c you want it to.

We vear uniforms blazing the colors we're loyal to.
When you rule it doesn't matter if you're right only if you're agreed with. Subordinates are not appointed for getting things done but b/c they do what you say.
Majin Buu.
Let yourself be sealed and you make authored fiction real.

The last laws were lies all but this nth time the retried relationship of laceration will work.
Keep obedient to Who Takes What You Have and you'll get what you want.
Love your captor. Live where he holds you. Fight whom he told you.

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