Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eternity in a Computer

The song leaves off where it was paused and though the interval extends long when another terminal is activated (the old cpu's power terminated) that song restarts at the same part.
Inside the screen is a place, an acquired taste, where time moves as you want.
The chronology of history can be listed as desired, revisited in any order.
You can teleport from forward and backward steps, skipping the long routes originally taken.
It's a world reconfigured by a thought.
While a mind wiles away a man there hours and minutes are irrelevant human inventions.
For now we see and hear through electrons and I suspect the only reason we don't feel and smell is we're holding back.
There's a fear we'll wreck our bodies or lives in reckless pursuit of a scape man-formed.
Heaven's too good to soon be seen.
We're torn between a want for greater measures of pleasure + social integration and the reassurance of suffering.
There's an integral association in man's brain between strain and reward.
We'd hate to be weaned off pain so when trouble is lean we push our fellows, wanting a thrashing, or beg for the tight confines of legal fines to bind us close as ocean by shore.
Then the discomfort implies through neurotic lies a reward rests in the future.
Each ache is a glimmer of glossy hope sensed past the horizon.
When we close in-on-each other through electrical portals we know a new physical integration.
Having not had this status from the first periods of our lives we hesitate to dedicate ourselves to't.
Who'll first dare the invention, a suggestion of a digital all-sense gestalt?

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