Tuesday, February 16, 2010


He has magic hands
the magic touch
he exaggerates
a little much
saw the last dodo
ate it for lunch
made a clever promo
earned mucha mulla
taught Islam
before the Qu'ran
swam the Nile
dressed in style
bought a museum
to exhibit his art
there're many pieces
it hurt him to part with
the exhibit's width
could fit football stadiums
its' power source plutonium
this gallery cast its' shadow on NY
but he can't tell the location
of this great work
he prophesied Diana'd die
and every royal family
it's a fact y'all
the beauty of a lily
fades and ends surely
as a man's days
he tells us his wisdom
which is base and common
shares the stories
of many things he's seen
each is to his glory
as he figures
he led the 36th Infantry
in the American Civil War
but he doesn't talk yankee
and didn't mention it before
doesn't look too old
and though he talks of yore
won't tell his birthplace
only things he has done
sounds like he's been 'round
since the Earth was young
he invented electricity
but gets no credit
it's a form of wizardry
most haven't learned yet
I finally laugh
and call him liar
he lifts a staff
and forms fire
in his palm
lightning on his fingertips
and sings a psalm
which shakes the ground
with its' ancient sound
he turns and leaves
then I chase after
and 'mongst the leaves
find prank shop items
to make fake wonders
in the night I listen
catch no sight nor sound of him
and I believe.

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