Saturday, May 22, 2010

We Average Each Other Out

Chewin snuff fresh from the tin,
wearin flannel and cowboy hats,
tight blue jeans show you're thin,
drivin a mac truck with tire flaps,
women's silhouettes on the rubber,
at church in a chorus of claps,
macho men drinkin american brew:
moonshine and pale ale,
hunting defenseless antlered deer,
punctuatin sentences with a swear,
walkin the straight man's narrow mindin trail,
what are they compensatin for?

Liberals, doubled over at the waist,
spread asscheeks above his face,
giving pink winkers a kiss,
takes it,
can't taste shit,
cause bull's what he speaks,
organic as what he eats,
when he can't afford to tweak,
he seeks sumthin dank,
apologizing for his ancestors,
successful white conquerors,
he wants to take care of everyone,
(less so a christian)
if everyone takes care of him.

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