Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Non-Transferable Value

He sits signing autographs for the mass of fat acne-backed bespectacled bearded men.
Cancer gnaws on his prostate and he takes a smoke break, face pale as the cigarette wrapper.
An interviewer catches him outside and asks about a denied affair.
He hides inside the convention hall.
Every vlog-jockey knows his face; it isn't fair.
The cigarette hisses its' death-rattle in a lemon-scented urinal.
The fans don't care about how shaky his linework has become.
He returns their smiles.
The showfloor roars with scores of visitors but he doesn't notice.
To him it's quiet.
Strangers' enthusiasm, which used to excite him so, now's ignored, as he thinks on how he'll go.
Like a distant planet in a cold black universe, there's a ball of bitterness within him.
Never before had he such grandeur in his mind! Amazing ideas abound -demanding to be shared.
But he'll be put down before them.
His manager says it's time to attend the panel.
Security guarded hallways channel him to meeting room A's back entrance.
He's expected to speak for hours.
He doesn't want to say a sentence.

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