Friday, April 22, 2011

Self-Destruction as a Defense Mechanism

A pink hunk of coil-tailed ham waddles in its' pen to a patch of mud.
It flips, flops down, rubs the brown muck about its' body and chortles contentedly.
Why not stand above this stinking pit, marred with fleas and rotting shit?
Why not trot on past the watered hole, why lay in it to have a roll?

So long as the hogs trod the Earth these pigs live in dirt.
Why work to ascend in the press of the pen though thou wert wort?
A sow may stand now above the topsoil but her sweetness will be drained from her mashed remains.

Each heaving, heavy-breathing boar-spawn is squeezed out with feces, carries excrement as it lives, and decomposes when its' cells succumb to the fecundity of hungry fungi, bacteria, molds, and other agents ever-present.
Why then not embrace the waste?

Swine line up to dine on their dying, leftover edibles from man's tables, and beat goats famed omnivorousness by choosing to eat that at which a settled doe won't bleat.
Rather than endure the bestial stress of this savage contest let's look to the swine frolicking in filth.
See their smiles, hear their laughter, ignore the smell.
If a body is like a shell for a soul, a cup for a liquid, a part for the whole, an OS for a computer, then it can become a cell for an ingrate.
Then let madness: relishing the horrific, be these piggies defense.

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