Thursday, September 20, 2007

Measured Words

Lo’ o'er po' peons earning for eons, paid low, the subsistence of wickedness. In time evil's entirety teeters -tips for its' infamy to tortures infinitely lasting. Almighty Love lets lawbreakers make laws, gave reason for 'em to pause their pawing (thieving) of brotherly labor: to reflect and find reason is telling these heathens their guilty souls sold to Mammon’s maw are marred. With awe then repentance, fearing their fierce sentence oppressors' torment is turned tidily away. Now the provision superfluous allows such abuses and Love in His patience gives bold men the day. Yet coming/dawning the fall fawned over vere what the Lord gave is taken away. Tomorrow is laid the whip-holders in graves; "blessed are the meek for they will inherit the Earth". Between when e how, hours whirled in wrath reaped, hellish as gehenna. As the wicked were spared by the righteous among it will become casual that Father's conquering son is undoer of systems Satanic: brilliant anger shown cursed living men. Wholly is the Earth consumed the holy with abominable. Praise God above! Love! Jesus judges the length of man's trouble.

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