Saturday, October 6, 2007

Blindman's tale

Sure, audio doesn't require nostrils or skin to be received but what stories are told through those senses? "Ah, you'd spaghetti for dinner...brush your teeth."

If stripped of other assistance, audio beats visual as mediums for storytelling go. Sound carries all the capability of language; facial expressions and postures can even be inferred from intonation. Where worldless stories can show simple narratives with objects and the like or depict conversations where only the gist is important he's pointing at the boat b/c he wants on it words allow the mysteries of creation to be tongue-probed. Though this value judgment may be annexed by Opinion sound better implies space and texture than sights. Think on bats: their sight is poor but they can tell the depth/density of the world around them by listening to how their yells carry in a space. What creature judges depth with poor hearing and good sight? Our very balance is dependent on internal formulas that accept sonic variables. Radio is also a better medium than a picture-book to tell a story because it can alter moods. Loud/fast noises excite and music stirs the soul. What the light reveals is lesser in ability to move man.

Before hearing This American Life I enjoyed

Guys with accents are somewhat amusing to hear b/c of their keeps stops in talk interesting....background chatter sounds looped...
Why does the chick narrate over the house-woman instead of editing her words for us to hear? The girl speaker is boring, the guy who comes after her talks in a mo' entertaining style. Her trouble entering the conversation reminds me of being around my Grandfather. If you're forceful enough, loud and emphasizing, you're heard. With more men talking passionately words fall loud and pass quickly so there isn't patience to hear halting words or pauses to collect thoughts.

Grossness isn't hipness in jokes. Her pedofile joke did get a chuckle form me. When you told us to listen for what's done with sounds I thought there'd be a lot of sound effects. Are you even still reading this Mr. Anderson?

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johnjamesanderson said...

yes... still reading. You picked up on the human tones. That's the necessary element. Several of your peers captured that as well. Sound is more than the effect applied from an external editing source, it is the tone through which we tell the tale.