Saturday, May 3, 2008

Still Wearing the Constitution like an Adulterer's Wedding Ring

Roll over in bed to sleep a while longer,
nothing to wake for earlier.
Control of a portion of humanity's mind is lent because it connects worldwide.
What does the rest think about?
Cycles (of laundry: clean to dirty) and curves (complete to unraveling).
Whole banks beeping at card-swipers who aren't there to hear the machines manacled to walls (with intestines of hot air, bones of pipes, and electric current for blood) telling "clothes are ready".


Shoot the jute sellers was an unspoken sentiment.
The shouters meant to vent hate.
But their leader, wiser, knew you would beat the cotton-sellers enemies for them.
Bullying is your trait.
So assembled and moneyed they unleashed prepared speeches, preaching of monopolistic intent.
"Act before it's too late".
So you did.
You put a pinch on jute dealings, defending the friendly royalty of King Cotton's court.
Your bid was a bill of order signed by gunmen made righteous with badges and blue uniforms.
Jute had increased in production yet your loco motion turned the tide from influx of auxiliary textiles to wider margins of cotton profit and another market where new wrung-out taxes lined your pocket.
You scoundrel.
Maybe you'll open your locket.
Then memory will come of your former lover: freedom.
It's a shame no company of industrialists could invent or invest against cotton without a playfield "leveling" penalty placed on their business.
Monopoly does exist dummy.
Sherman ensured friends like those of Cotton's court couldn't be outdone by their betters.
Your new love is crummy.

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