Sunday, July 6, 2008

No Protectors

If one being valued another's existence as worthy as its' own it would protect either from death at the expense of its' body. When it failed to safeguard the equally-valued body its' own would be eliminated so the once-protected would have to rely on its' own body-. The protector must be the stronger if it is appropriate for him to be the first line of defense and if he is overcome by an enemy of his protected how will the once-protected survive?-..

A greater force requires more than a lesser force so a protector must work to supply himself more than the protected; whether he values another body as worth protecting in addition to his own or not he must maintain his strength to protect any body--- If a would-be protector can not bear the burden of his enemies and another body's he would have to increase his strength; for greater strength to be provided to him he must be given the utilization of another body's provision-generation and what body owes his but those he protects?..-.

A would-be protected who does not want to increase the protector's strength must use his own strength to resist the would-be protector and so become his enemy---- The protected from whom strength is taken can contribute less to defense against enemies w/his own body; he must rely on the protector more than he did himself b/c the protector takes enemies for both of them and he is weakened to strengthen the protector ...--

Then the protector destroys greater vessels to maintain weaker ones, multiplies enemies in trying to protect, and weakens the body whose strength he fights to maintain

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