Friday, July 11, 2008


Rushes rustle bushes as they bustle forth at the first furlong of long-traveled sunlight delightfully rilling their bunches of evergreen trees w/dapper yellow trim. Birdthroat cries and pinion-born wind clatters across the drumhead of mixed-nitrogen tension as they cascade out, conical, above triangular tops of modular fertility.
This view is afforded me by a high-hanging cliff: a pedestal my climb has buttressed me w/(dimensions orientation oscillating and redefined by rotation).
From here, in clear mountain morning air, a voice clambers across canopies, like down-swooping dry streams, finger webbing along a child's hair, an expanding bubble to arrive a distorted rumble far off and vibrate inaudible, separated, twisted, on Earth's second side. An animal audience scampers as language they'ven't introduction to gives frequencies meanings. If I'd learned to read the course of wetness and gaseous on the solids to know their statements from the cliff climbed I'd derive learning past lifetimes of men, a view higher than the forest's multitudes. Every time the record's set darkness comes in.
Originally, there was language which was living a meaning that created by will. Also there were unthinking mechanisms, laws and rules, which multiplied according to their order. In fashion my memory doesn't recall the many-small-machines and self-and-else-making-beings combined physically. The latter works to imitate the abilities of the former through protocol -though the former's nature defies prerequisites and makes from concept, so they may supplant those that are by naming and the former means to gain angles of view upon their wants by making them physical. Where once men made universes bodiless now a force works w/in us to erase every ability w/reliance on mechanics.

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