Monday, August 4, 2008


Get it while it's legal

Ideas we like are not original; they're traditional. New Age and liberal are opposites. The former's founded on appeal to the minority. Neither discerns by logic. Both accept whatever their peer-group offers. We don't know, when enjoying a setting, who inspired its' designs and what its' symbols mean. How much of a name-maker's beliefs stay'd through the acceptions of his work vs. the amount of connected material/potential we can cut from a thing. Do we adopt unknown ancestor-fathers or act in isolation of things attached to our actions, observers who attempt connection by using parts we wouldn't include to conceptually bridge in the wrong. Is there something sexual about lying in a bed together? Communist=red? On their own these seem silly but apply the situations to someone you know. Your significant other and best friend, could they sleep in the same bed and the scenario not be sexual? If I like Dali how much of Sade's perverse sadism enters me? When he reaches for guns and ammo w/toddler-fingers is a violent life foreshadowed? Let a man in your house and who knows what personalities he brings w/or when they will revolt. How do guests in a nation recombine to redefine what that nation's all about? I picture associations, interests, like tendrils and roots. Read these words and other authors come through, roots spreading in your body, silt carried by the movement of key-presses and eyes down-river. Futile determination.

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