Wednesday, August 6, 2008


"Self-improvement is masturbation."-Tyler Durden

Then journals are self-worship.
Sentimentality=fanboyism=holding familiarity as the supreme value.

Fuck Nintendo. I enjoyed Mario games...when I was a child. Will the Wii run Crysis:Warhead, Fallout 3, Rage, or Dawn of War 2? Sony has felt the flutter of bankruptcy's down yet hasn't pushed past those pinions to grab hold the skin. Noboyuki Idei, who had longterm plans for the Playstation series and wanted technical proficiency is no longer Sony CEO. M$ appealed initially to hardcore gamers as a step on their way to being lesser consumers whore. Statements made at the consoles onset about Live having no additional fees were predictably lies. Now 'microtransactions' are hyped. Nintendo made no effort to compete in terms of processing (which is what powers games, setting the limits of how much can be done) and instead has patented lightgun remotes. This gimmick granted access to folks who hadn't played games /much\ before and at a lower price. There're more women who'd prefer exercise w/"games" like Wii Fit over a workout video than folks hankering for better AI in shooters. During the time of the last 3 consoles it seemed Nintendo would be marginalized. Now Nintendo has shown the way to a wider audience: have easy controls and folks'll buy cheap*, crappy games. (simple controls are a good thing but improving games shouldn't be neglected). Guys like Ed Fries, who worked on the Xbox to make it the best gaming console, have been driven from Microsoft. Their next console will be closer to the Wii. Sony has pride, enough to invent formats. Yet how far they've fallen and their British CEO are liable to tempt them to stoop to Nintendo's level.
PCs are a continual sanctuary for gamers. New companies may offer improved consoles and b/c the desire for better simulations will still exist these future corporations will prosper. Soon though, the trend of consoles competing to have better games will be subsumed by the search for lower common denominators.

Better a good sequel than a crappy original.

*how much a game costs to make isn't a measure of its' worth. The most money is spent on games in development when the process is restarted, wasting earlier efforts. Nintendo's not making cheap games to test new gameplay at minimal risk or make a great short/small game but for larger profit margins.

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