Wednesday, August 20, 2008

He likes Writing

The Fed. has no liquidity. It possesses no inherent value, produces nothing, sells nothing by which it may pay off its' debts. All its' gains are agreements to a lie:that it's a privilege to owe the Federal Reserve, in recognition of which charges of interest on principle are added. Each of these schemes are means of theft; none are meant to "stabilize the economy" keep it healthy or any other phrase that sounds like frugal, well-managed resources are what we have the Fed's board of directors to thank for.
Society, in our interactions, already utilizes every tool necessary to optimize production. If I do not want what you sell I won't buy it. If you're not selling what you're offering you're being told folks don't want what you thought they would. Banks, investment firms, government agencies, and others I don't know to list yet presume exist are not told if what they offered's wanted. They're told they'll be supported in their pursuits. Spoiled brats, a rotten rich kid who doesn't know he's being wasteful, they take wealth and use it (or sit on it) w/out giving someone/s else thing/s equally valued. Where does this wealth come from? Who pays for it? We do. Every excess is greased by a currency hijacked and debased by central bankers, its' wealth funneled to strengthen our enemies: for who is the man that threatens your life or claims it his own but an enemy? Should a woman love a man after rape? Shall a ghost love his murderer? Not only nationals but folks of other nations using our currency, relying on its' worthiness, are failed by the endless expansion of credit that's the Federal Reserve's cornerstone. They're worse than entitled kids. Atleast the product of a rich man who's shitty loudmouthed company may've been funded by the worth attributed his father. But issuance of credit is the most direct theft yet implemented by man. The robber doesn't have to even know the names of those he robs from: just keep other trade-intermediaries out of our hands.
Consider the scenario this article proposes: banks owe the Fed for loans and may default. The Fed's proposed solution is to buy their holdings outright. How great, in the magical fairyland where a man's will alone makes real value. Look at these mechanics: the Fed is given unlimited credit, like Barney from the Simpson's whose bar tab was sent to NASA for calculating debt owed. Credit is nothing. It's, "I owe you", "c'mon I'm good for it", "ain't we pals?" etc. But because the Fed's credit is in unholy union w/America's national currency, which is to was the world's most popular currency, real value is extracted from everyone who has invested in American Dollars when the Secretary of the Treasury, Ben Bernanke, or Richard L. CarriĆ³n gives a loan. Banks can't pay the loans so -under the pretense of acting for the common good- these robbers buy the real assets of the banks. There're probably more but here're 3 evils I count by these actions
1) The initial loans steal value from dollar-users.
2) The units in $ created to buy back the loans devalues $.
3) The Fed consolidates assets under its' control.
Remember, a loan is not a favor. I could loan you a million and you may go, "gee whiz, thanks a bunch, I can buy so much w/this million!". But if you can't pay me back I take all your shit. Wickedly-clever, this scheme of the Fed seems made to convince fucking idiots the Fed's their buddy. It seems nicer to say, "don't worry about what you owe, I'll buy what you're trying to sell a bit above what you're being offered* elsewhere" instead of "you owe me so I'm taking your assets". This additional transaction of buying the assets is b/c the Fed would rather own some real items -land or whatever, than another bank. The Fed is a bank and America's banks are already tied to it. Owning some more outright isn't as much of a gain as new possessions.

*probably still under the price it was at the time of the loan

Fools may wonder, b/c the news-anchors keep asking as if it were a mystery, how such economic crisis could be averted. To dodge something you must know where it's coming from/towards. Who gave all these loans to banks so they needed to sell off assets, causing asset-prices to drop? The Federal Reserve. The Fed is the inside trader of America(and via America the world)'s impoverishment. Fed-men set policy for rates of exchange between banks, what fraction of loans-created bankers must really own, etc. The Fed is our oppressor, not our savior.
That's why the Liberty Dollar headquarters was raided: it was working. Men were beginning to rely on a monetary standard w/naked doings. Does a man not treat you as an adversary if hiding his doings which affect you? If what he did to you were harmless or beneficial he would not fear your understanding of it and have cause to hide it. He can only want to hide what he does in relation to you out of anticipation of justified hostility. It isn't as if the Federal Reserve board has refrained from publishing a complete record of all forms of credit (whether new notes, bills, bonds, or any other names for sub-schemes) issued b/c it has been planning a surprise party for folks using its' credit for the last 95+ years. Men who have worked for the Rothschilds, expanding their control for favors or a fraction of power are fools. They are not God who -were he real- would have insurmountable power over all things so service to him must be taken for granted. They are not fathers, friends, or allies who would one day allow an underling to go his own way, working for his own dream like the Pentangeli family. When America didn't renew their national bank's charter Britain, still paying homage to a central bank, invaded in 1812, breaking peace treaties. One lending system=one oligarchy over economic affairs=one government. _________ Unions are just erasures of national identity and pride, bureaucracy concentration.

Knowledge is powerless.

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