Thursday, September 4, 2008

Party Planner

A man in a town full of neighbors who hate him would not propose a body be formed w/the authority to rape any of the wives in town for fear of his own wife's safety. For a man to propose a body be created w/some power over others or an existing body have a power added onto it he must be confident this entity atleast agrees w/his goals and at-usual won't escape his control. For the body to be successful it must be stronger than those opposed to its' practices. The proposal of a body's creation can be an act of opposition, a rebel faction meant to usurp rule for different standards establishment. Who will most pander for, work towards, and instruct fealty to a new institution? The men who gain influence by its' actions and their servants. So it may be determined that when Bush wants a department that'll capture people and torture us w/out a trial coming he shows he wants to have people tortured; when Gore brings before congress plans for a global credit system that'll tax corporations he reveals he wants to steal from these corporations.

A gang of friends is boldest when sure they're already the most popular and no rival clique can unseat their rule: the smaller/weaker associations and individuals will be unable to stand against the majority's force. A ruler pads his land w/laws which are oppression moreso separating him from other single men so they'd have to strive against more infrastructures, objects, people, etc. to overthrow the ruler or otherwise act against him.

Whatever goal a man gives for the changes he proposes is irrelevant: the state prerequired by the goal in his plan is the thing surer and more regular to be and so'll be more impactful and is his greater goal. Cameras to lower crime. Will crime be reduced? Maybe. It's more likely surveillance'll increase. Because the fundamental change is what must last (and will persist despite the goal coming no closer) it's what makes or breaks a plan. Robbing is not okay b/c you say it'll feed the homeless. The taxman robs, homeless starve, he robs more, still the homeless starve his state-of-looting persists and grows though the goal is no closer. A shining city on the horizon.

So it is the necessities of a proposal that're important. It doesn't matter if he says it's to save the Earth; it matters that he says we can't drive gas-powered cars. Like other forms of wealth, the ability to dominate isn't a zerosum game. Armies don't only take personal decisions from locals, enforcing curfews so the dead lay outside and the living stay en la casa, they can acquire weapons or implement systems (drivers licenses, stars of david, deer tags) to track, identify, and organize other people. The efficcient application and power of violence increases w/communications networks, tracking, etc. A paranoid/fearful (or wise?) ruler is willing to sacrifice all other forms of wealth to continually expand his ability to pin us to a position and pen us in at that location.

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