Tuesday, September 9, 2008


There is transformation but not equilibrium, novelty, or destruction. Existence is eternal and unaltered. When new code is included in a videogame it must be sound w/in itself and in its' correspondence w/the game's other constituent parts else there will be a glitch. Games simulate reality w/personalities of polygon expressions, actors' voices, houses, and roads. When a pathing command is fla3wed a man in a game's town may walk into a wall forever as a method of reaching the tree on the wall's opposite side. If a glitch is severe enough in damaging other parts of the game (interrupting their processes) it may cause the entire game to crash. Humans, outside the gameworld, aren't impeded by the game's crash. We may reboot, observe the problem, and correct it. Were it possible for a novelty to be added to our reality we would have to simulate its' incorporation to predict any patterns it would impair and how the degradation of existence could be avoided, continuance assured. But if the element to be added were new there would be nothing to compare it to amongst those parts already in operation. The results of its' inclusion would be unpredictable. Afterwards, w/our dimensions crashed, we or God could not correct the fault, existing as we do w/in the thing affected. It is also probable that b/c a truly novel thing would not correspond to those existing it couldn't be interacted w/in ways existing things already do and may not have a means of interfacing w/the rest of reality at all. Also, what impetus could prompt a thing to be w/out composing it of what already is?

In the Bible God hears the blood of Abel cry out from the soil where Cain slew him. He hears the oppressed cry out. He hears the afflicted in their affliction, the haughty in their haughtiness, the secret hearts of men and is moved by some sounds to destroy. Rain falls on upright and wicked alike. Fire consumes righteous men alongside the vilest. When God brings punishment on a city it is impartial. He spared Lot but other places were visited w/famine, flooding, plague, brimstone, war, earthquakes, and other manslayers caring not whether they took a Devout Servant of Love or a Hater of Everything Good. In our own bodies, we hear nerves. If enough nerves in a spot cry out consistently, agitating, we'll bring our nails upon them to cut at and scrape the outcriers until their annoying pester becomes a report of pain. It is more pleasant to us to feel pain than irritation. Perhaps then we are God's nervous system. A city cries out for much wickedness is in it. Eventually the persistent call brings down God's destruction. Voices in the city turn to lament, crying out in pain, and there are fewer voices raised. God is comforted.

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Jesse Torres said...

We are all a bunch of Sims in a programmed world. Our goal is to express some part of our creators identity. The systematic program itself and its ongoing simulation is God.