Thursday, October 23, 2008


What is the healthiest sort of man? By my reckoning we're mired in various types of people, the dusty wind a jello mold and people's dwellings marshmallows in it. There'll always be this kind and that. Even were every mime killed and the practice stricken from our records I expect makeup use would still be incorporated in entertainer's routines. Silent acts would reappear. Some would combine makeup, costume, and charades in such a way that mimes were inadvertently reborn. Maybe the way you blow on your toenails to dry the latest coat of paint harkens to a forgotten queen's footcare. The wrinkled nose you have at seeing no bake chocalate and rice cookies may be common among future bums. His afro and private music studio may indicate zoophilia.
Is the man who wants to control others the one w/the halest sensibility? Any man may recognize there's worth in having someone else do what ye tell but that's not the same as having the instinct to dominate. Children who love the sea may grow into fishers or surfers. We all understand the sea's lovable. But we don't swim daily. What better pursuit is there in life? How can home, family, armies, or even nations be weighed superior to the control of millions? Analysis and creativity (explorations of potential) are my greatest pleasures. You have your own distinct things that appeal to you more than other people -though you mayn't say why- and so your life largely incorporates doing/partaking/making whatever. We can't rid ourselves of our dispositions. {Conditioning doesn't eliminate a man's past experience} Objectively, isn't the want to rule the most logical? Then isn't hatred of oppressors covetousness or jealousy? Then again, wanting is not earning and trying is not skillful. He who'd have the world doesn't deserve it for daring the task nor will he come through the trial whole.
Things to think about before you die.

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