Sunday, April 26, 2009


He's gonna spit some real shit

after he has learned it.
For now the how and why go by
stared at through unblinking eyes
in an antlered head wed
w/beams of light bright and fast
incomprehensible from their first flash
to their last shine shown before they passed.

Which is cause and whom effect
is unknown as should he boast or regret
the compromises made and people met
halfway between hard and wet
b/c both happened simultaneously
with startling similarity
the unsimple simultaneity can be,
sharp enough in stark relief
to spark doubts in clouds of hasheesha
whether the meaning's captured
or by blind idiocy released,
ah shucks
awe sheesh
events are intertwined
there's Jim
ask Him
he's Dandy enough
to cut down a dandelion shaft
u see the semis
in the circumference
yet the circle's
in the hemis
each whole contains smaller parts
that-at-any-time start
congregation into new formations
always potential
sometimes available
momentarily real
gone before you feel
the momentous bumper's

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