Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dinner Scene

When there's no seat at the table
he forged one
and added it on the end.
Wrens fluttered about his bride
whistling soft
singing aloft the rafters.
He showed his teeth
in a smile
each piece symmetrically white.

The avians metered chorus
promoted harmony melodically.
Each seated guest laughed lovingly
the atriums replying with chuckles.

A question came
to undo mood
its' tenor rude
the subject named
his bastard son.
He showed his teeth
baring them
daring them
to ask again
of missing babes.

The question fell
and talk resumed
the table would be
cleared off soon.
Lords and ladies
then would dance
for few would
rather chance
prompting doom.

The candles are snuffed
their heat gutters
the strength of sparks
now a sputter
of trailing smoke.
Guests have left
at hosts' behest
the masters find
they're lonely.
Having seen
a former queen's
distant cousin
a baby
master of the house
wishes he weren't without
living with wife only.

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