Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The last bit of hearing drools down his lobes,
constant screaming did his inner ears in,
here in the lower wings of the house shrouded by blackened wings,
broken bones hold crippled gooseflesh taunt,
a stream of feathers and sulfur marks their trail through the air.
Maggot-white bodies stretch the epidermal surface of the floor,
they nearly tear the membrane stretching for a helping hand,
one never comes,
unable to see,
kicking one another to push up against their ceiling,
blind by the skin strung over their heads,
their mouths open to vent their agony,
a muffled chorus vibrates the floor.
Neon skeletons reveal spiked iron cages
hung from the ceiling.
The melting flesh of the unfortunate drapes from wrist to hip,
like webbing,
as they reach up,
from rapids of molten gold,
so bright they burn the beholder,
and when he's hungry,
a local lord dips his pudgy hands deep,
the heat hardly irritates his old scabs,
and by the handful,
he stuffs the damned down his beak.
Out-of-their minds with pain they raise a racket,
a drizzle of blood from the ceiling sizzling in their throats,
which could swallow snow yet know no chill or damp,
can't anyone suffer in peace?

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