Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's a Healthy Baby _______

but the vertigo's good
it should steady me
ready me
to place feet
far out apart
to meet again
a steady plane.
Surely there is to be found
secure footholds, firm packed ground.
I've lost my footing
it is unsettling
and wonderful.
More feelings than
ah knew I could have
permeate me
to such degree
familiar flavors
are experienced new.
These events' cause is you.
To believe such greatness
could be and moreso grace my life
steals breath, stirs body, prompts psyche.
Exultant trepidation makes a man the more alive
and it all becomes closed in consummation when you arrive.
Words take on new meanings
the old definitions' husks
their crisp crinkled skins abandoned
littering Earth's grainy crust.
Now a syllable's complexion is white
as an elephant's ivory tusk.
With a word of power spoken
a tortoise shell cracked open
I'm tempted to tape the broken
home of slow safety.
In forests old and oaken
I'd laze and lie observing
each days' leaves wind surfing
in cool breezes of winter.
Some sparks singed the damp
and ended with steam.
Later wild fire
cast out water
with brightest heats' beams
lasting days as leaf became hearth
until smoky charred shards were left.
Do we mourn the forest cleared
the hills sheared of Furs in summer
when lightning flashes purple anger?
The topsoil 'twill yield to farmer's will
more easily thanks to tree's twilight.
So the prepared place
produces ripe taste.

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