Thursday, December 17, 2009

Que e A

Ask me how I am today.
I am fine.
Ask me how I was just now.
I was lyin.
Asked you where you went last night.
Heard no sound.
Answer me you stupid bitch.
Right now.
He'll ask where I was tonight.
I know why.
I've prepared an answer.
My alibi.
Won't find forensic evidence.
I'm clean.
Mabye I've dirtied my hands.
Been mean.
But exin factors make us what.
We are.
People plainly rudely put.
Cruel beans.
Ask me how I feel right now.
So calm.
Watch my face and see it twitch.
Something's wrong.
Never a good player I.
At cards.
My open intentions read.
Didn't try.
To hide emasculated rage.
Deep sigh.
Ask me how I am today.
Doing time.
Ask me how I was just now.
Doing fine.
Asked her where the hell she'd been.
No reply.
Notify the next of kin.
When she die.

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