Friday, December 18, 2009


At the end of a tunnel of light sits a royally fat thin-lidded man.
He's attended by a running train of toiling cat-man servants.
Hidden in the courtroom shadows sit slinky whispering advisers.
By his right side stands a wheel immense beyond visualization.
Vis a his authority he spins yon immeasurable decider.
Marked on its' edges are the lowest living forms.
Circle within circle towards the middle greater bodies are displayed.
From worms to kitten litters and he seated himself dead center the depictions exquisitely exceed the kinds of creatures I'd seen.
Between me and him two tall men in flowing embroidered robes.
Thick gems stretched low their ear lobes.
The one on the right read my best doings.
The sinister reader bared my worst shames.
Oral report done my judgment begun.
Nodding, deciding, he gestured at the towering shining wheel.
Its' movements were so complex if I'd my lifetime again to study it I couldn't describe its' organization.
I was shown my chosen incarnation.
A gaunt figure, skin meatless and tanned over a brittle ribcage, long dirty hair, stomach shallow , egg-shaped eyes bulging beneath their lids (outside sockets), naked with long fingers.
When my study of its' body was complete I was looking at the hairs on my own arm.
Humans passed through me but did no harm.
On a trash heap steaming poo seeped from a rain-half-washed diaper.
I licked my fangs and walked over.
Shit smells bad as ever and tastes worse than I'd imagined but it's all I can eat.

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