Saturday, December 19, 2009

Painful as you Take it

Sammy longed for the peace of a razor,
didn't have facial hair,
didn't need a shaver,
felt heaven was cold,
cause it heaped snow on the lowly,
he took a steamy shower,
and split his arms like petals,
they bloomed a vibrant red,
which spread across metals,
ran along the floor,
pooled at the door-jam,
Sam felt December-tired,
he lay in the tub,
he felt cold with lobster skin,
that is the rub,
he ended with the year,
a monster to his children,
seeing their mother: Mildred,
face swollen and red,
as the stained green tiles,
she forces a smile,
for sepsis finished,
what Gillette started.

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