Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mazed Man's Dilemma

He sees lightless black. He walks forward. It is possible he may freely move in any direction. Any way which is blocked is perennially blocked. He is weary of only going straight ahead. He suspects to his left is a wall. He hasn't reached out left to confirm the presence or absence of a wall. If he reaches to the left and finds a wall he will always know he can't go left. If he doesn't check he may always think he could go left.

What should the Mazed Man do?

1) Should he be content going straight?
2) Should he reach in every direction to define his options?
3) Should he stop checking for alternate routes lest he be aware he has no choice?
4) Should he want to go a different way?
5) Should blockages spur him to search for openings?
6) Should he take a turn if one's available?
7) Should he change his policy after a certain outcome?
8) What would you do as the mazed man?

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