Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Since God came down and confused man's speech we have been unable to understand each other without error. There will never be a one-world language by man's efforts. Language usage keeps fracturing down the ages. By connecting men's thought-machines (computers) the internet let us better show our neighbors +/ over a wider distance our minds. Yet this new method of connection makes no difference to preferences men have concerning what they think about and who they connect with so that overall connection is unaffected. Instead of knowing the guy down the block you know the guy in San Fran whose into the same whatever.

There're some traits of net-communication that have prompted some derivations:

1) Writing being dominant over talking. The writer's intonation is not in his words so he relies on crude facial representations ;) to convey some sense of mood. When men write to one another simultaneously they are unable to see each other's faces to know when someone else is about to communicate (though google chat helps this some with "_____ is typing"). It takes much less time to read than it does to type so the wait for longer messages to be sent is frustrating. Therefore messages tend toward brevity.

2) Writing is done with a keyboard. Unable to freehand (without a tablet and some app....) typers must rely on the symbols of the keyboard to augment their words. Thus l33tsp34k.

3) Availability versus committal. Internet users with broadband or better have more thoughts than we care about accessible in seconds. What keeps us on any single subject is sheer will. Like a man flipping through tv channels or iPod user who doesn't let a song complete we often succumb to desires for what we are interested but not currently engaged in. Consideration lasts for only a few sentences of thought. Hence, "that rocked!" comments on 8 minute movies.

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