Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Turn up this mic

Three things do I deduce doubtless:

1. I exist (whatever I am something exists which questions)

2. God exists (I had a start so I owe my existence to something else, something must exist which owes its' existence to nothing else)

3. Something else exist (however wrong I may be in my beliefs pertaining to this thing there is something I interact with not myself nor God)

In thinking well of the things I perceive, enjoying my interaction, I better infuse myself with that/those thing/s which is good in the pleasure it gives. Yet the other thing is transitional like myself so it is lesser to God. Therefore, my best, surest, greatest pursuit is (connection with)/(excitement over)/(love of) God.

If you want some things more mundane to consider, here you are:

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By Smellybug of ConceptArt.org

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