Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What it is, jive Turkey

Art is the bracket in which are contained works rendered so well they're glorious. The criteria for entry into that bracket is inherent sensory input and spiritual implications. A work may be art because it meets requirements of the flesh (it pleases a sense or senses to a degree only possible for a synthetic rendered with great skill) or the spirit (the work provokes an idea in such a way that the method of deduction is exceptionally beautiful).

Work, however hard, does not become art because of the performance's difficulty or distinctness. Work that's wrought crudely according to sensory perception so questions are raised about art's nature is not by those traits merited so that it may be called art. Old age does not make a work better. Popularity does not make a work worse. The medium an idea is incarnated in has no bearing on its' artiness :)

Though men disagree there is true art.

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