Thursday, December 6, 2007


I want to have works I will peruse and enjoy later in life. It'd be a sweet bonus if other humans enjoyed'em too.
The greatest deeds of mankind so far, that I know of, have been done in videogames. That's not a joke. Videogames are microcosms of existence and take any parts from our reality to make digital similitudes. Architecture, music, storylines, shooting, reading, design, community, comics and more have been done in videogames. What hasn't been included in these worlds continuities can be because the medium allows for any interactions routed through electronics. Pretty inclusive, eh? [I find it difficult to explain my intentions because specific examples would take pages, curt explanation begets inquiry, and the examples are diverse that all-inclusive references must be vague in meaning]
I will occupy myself with realizing some of my imaginings. Whether I'm paid to or not I'll but preferably I'll have sufficient influence before death to disperse labor among other men for projects beyond a single worker's ability. Imagine if others were eager to work with you in the making of a movie or comic so you could avail yourself of ideas and record them in forms that'd re-delight chambers of your brain closed for years. Getting ideas?
Realistically, with little hope, I resign/prepare myself for some shitty job where I'll occasionally need make some promise of what the money will be good for to convince myself to go through the next odious task. But it isn't so fantastic to think, in the course of my lifetime, I could reach sufficient rank in a company or aggregate enough influence by other means to turn out projects in one medium. If only one medium...

Note: I don't well-convey above that it isn't the record of the work only that's desirable. Taking part in the making of something cool, knowing that it will be, and considering coolness (for what's a cool thing made of?) are pleasures in themselves. It's nice to think there's another good thing in the world, something new to enjoy, and I'd a part in it.

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