Thursday, December 6, 2007

Joker or Actor

Sitting at this computer I was across from a pretty woman or atleast a woman who manages makeup well-enough to mask ugliness. Chalk up such observations to idleness, quick wits, or masculine drive. She presented either a pleasant background to the computer screen, akin to a mountain-range an old man may appreciate during lulls in thought, or a distraction from legitimate exercise of mental faculty. While my mind was elsewhere she'd went to chat with a friend at another computer and a fat chick had lumbered over to take what she'd a right to presume unoccupied. So my view was unfavorably replaced. As I gazed around (all these observations before I started writing here) I noticed a guy had just come into the room who looks like a relative of..
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It is awful like someone were telling me a joke and I get how it could be funny but don't laugh. I'm still drowsy.
A Peruvian waiter the elder of my sisters took a picture of brings to mind interesting possibilities. She showed me his picture because we look an awful lot alike. (sorry it's not available for posting). There's the old German idea of dopplegangers: that we've got duplicates of ourselves somewhere out in the world which we may encounter to fantastic result. If you want to be boring you could leave our phenotypes at similar genotypes owning to a common group of ancestor-traits that're expressed in us both. That idea has some neatness to it: imagine a version of yourself in every culture on earth: Chinese you, British you, Mongolian you, Ethiopian you, etcetera. It'd be like having a superteam. My guess is that a German's genes are what we share.

An existentialist maxim I'm put in mind of is that all of life is a joke so try to get it. Not to mean that there's meaning but that the surprises can all be enjoyed like a punchline. Our lives could be thought of as parts in a game or play and we get to adlib. So let's pretend to be the characters we want written in and then the story will be more to our liking. In absence of justice or morality an existentialist must be pleased with such narcissist-flippancy.

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